Seting 4 lnb telkom 3s

7 Feb 2019. Saat ini Satelit Telkom 4 atau Satelit Merah Putih telah aktif dan mulai diisi harus merubah setting LNB atau disc Parabola maupun receiver. 26 Jan 2019. Catatan untuk cara di atas, settingan di receiver parabola tidak dirubah. Seperti Telkom 3S yang ada di Port 1/LNB 1, untuk 22KHz tetap ON, . Telkom-3 is an Indonesian communications satellite which was lost due to a launch failure on 6. The Briz-M undertakes a series of four burns with coasting stages to do this. The third burn was due to be 18 minutes long but the engines cut out . Telkom-3S is an Indonesian geostationary communications satellite built as a replacement of Telkom-3 that was lost due to a launch failure on 6 August 2012. If using diseqc just choose port 1,2,3 or 4 (change from the beginning) slide the antenna. All The Lnb setting on palapa d you move to Telkom 1, and all the lnb  .